Tacofino Oasis

A Hidden Oasis in Vancouver's Downtown Core

Tucked inside the concrete corridor of downtown Vancouver’s bustling Bentall Centre is a new hidden gem – the Tacofino Oasis.

The Tacofino team and designer Shiloh Sukkau never fail to bring a charming new space to Vancouver’s food scene. The Oasis is no exception. Exploding with warm colour and designed to maximize efficiency in the busy downtown hub, the Oasis has something for everyone – including express menu items, tables for seating, and even a heated patio.

Tacofino Oasis, Build by Pacific Solutions Contracting

What led the space design for this location was the kitchen. Previously a Greek restaurant, the goal was to integrate the existing kitchen into the theme, style and flow for the new Tacofino. The flow was essential, and the Tacofino team wanted it to be easy and natural for the busy lunch crowd coming through the space. Right from the get-go our team, led by Project Manager Dave Carver, kept this goal in mind and worked to maximize the efficiency of the kitchen and save space wherever possible.

One of the most interesting features we worked on in this space was the huge mosaic stone bar. Spanning nearly the entire length of the restaurant it is made up of a beautiful mosaic of smashed stone and marble. Yes – smashed. Which we did on-site, too. After collecting a random assortment of material we smashed them into chunks within the space, and then got creative with the layout for the bar. A few adjustments here and creative jigging there, and the result is a perfectly smooth and level stone mosaic bar that takes you from the POS station, past the bar, and through to the casual seating counter.

Tacofino Oasis, Build by Pacific Solutions Contracting

Behind that counter you’ll notice the brightly painted window wall.¬†Although it was a logistical challenge to build and fit into the space, the millwork and the glass came together smoothly, resulting in exactly the finished backdrop we were looking for to separate the kitchen from the restaurant space.

Tacofino Oasis, Build by Pacific Solutions Contracting

We’ve worked in some pretty challenging spaces, and this one is no exception. Not only is there no load in/out at this location as it is surrounded by stairs and tucked into the pedestrian corridor, but the Bentall Centre also has strict rules restricting any load in/out from happening during business hours. The Centre also had a huge project taking place right beside our build-out so coordination was key. It sure does pay to make friends with neighbouring construction teams though. By lining up our schedule with theirs, Dave was able to share their rented crane to load in the 600lb floor grinder he needed to get those floors lookin’ great, with minimal costs to the client. Nice work, Dave!

So next time those noon hour hunger pangs have hit be sure to stop by Tacofino Oasis. With a brand new and unique menu to this location, this Oasis is bound to be the tastiest one you’ve stumbled across.

Tacofino Oasis, Build by Pacific Solutions Contracting

Photography: Krista Jahnke Photography