Reclaimed Wood Board

Pacific – Reclaimed Cutting Board
image3image4Pacific – Reclaimed Cutting BoardReclaimed Fir Board_Kirill Bordon Photoshoot

Compliment your culinary creations with this handcrafted reclaimed wood board. Ideal for preparing or presenting – this piece is as versatile as it is beautiful.

Your one-of-a-kind piece is constructed from reclaimed wood, gathered from a heritage home in Vancouver’s historic Strathcona neighbourhood.

After the last fine sanding, each wooden board is bathed in a moisturizing hemp oil bath for 24 hours and left to air-dry for another 24. An all natural beeswax is then used to seal, protect and polish each piece before it leaves our workshop.

We recommend this board to be used as a light cutting board (fruits and veggies), or a beautiful serving platter. The reclaimed wood may be prone to cracking over time if used as a heavy duty chopping board.

*Each board is made of reclaimed wood, holding historic character and perfect imperfections. Please note that each piece will be 100% uniquely yours and may not be an exact match to the picture shown.

*Reclaimed wood is known for its character, and your piece may have colour variations, rustic nails still embedded in the wood, and cracks in the wood that we fill with a food-safe epoxy for your ease.


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